Our Services

   My Cuban Casa lists homes according to provincial location, star rating, amenities and price range. While searching for a location, keep in mind your arrival location to the largest airport and what you intend to do while you are visiting Cuba. You can also come back to the site and rate your visit in the house as you experienced it. Your input is greatly appreciated as home owner can only improve on their service when you say something, and word or mouth is very important as we try to increase your cultural experience.

General Information

   Most homes are privately operated by Cubans and not by the government as in the case of the resorts. Please remember that Spanish is the language most widely spoken by the home owner. Unless you have a friend to help with translations, please have a device to help with the barrier. Most home owners are aware of tourist attractions, locations for currency exchange, restaurants and may be able to arrange someone to assist with transportation or information.

Some home owners may also provide certain meals upon request, or allow for you to cook in their kitchen. Please note that you will not find supermarkets as in your home country. Some ingredients that are common place may be considered a luxury item and may not be available during your stay in Cuba.

It is our hope that you enjoy your experience in Cuba. A rich culture includes a variety of music, food, art and history. Locals enjoy telling stories while sipping on their favorite rum or smoking a cigar and do appreciate your visit as it helps build their economy.